EagleMailer 2016 vol 1

Send mass emails easily for marketing campaigns

EagleMailer is a useful tool designed specifically for mass emailing of all sorts. View full description


  • Supports Excel, Acces ans SQL databases
  • Easy to use ribbon style interface
  • Easy to maintain and edit your databases
  • Graphics and statistics on your campaigns


  • Help file does not open
  • Interface does feature some jargon

Very good

EagleMailer is a useful tool designed specifically for mass emailing of all sorts.

Sending mass emails is a classic marketing tool, but it's awkward to do it from a traditional mail client. With EagleMailer, you can do anything from sending to delivery reports and monitor your results. Featuring a slick ribbon-style interface, EagleMailer is also extremely easy to navigate and similar to another popular mass mailing tool, Mail Bomber.

The first thing to do is set up your mail accounts. This is where the mass mail-outs will come from, as well as your mailing lists. This is probably the most complex part of the process because there is some jargon in the various menus, and unfortunately the Help manual doesn't load at all. Once done, creating campaigns is a breeze, and is simply a case of creating an email, and adding your mail account and lists.

The Create Campaign feature looks great, and supports rich formatting so you can add images, links, tables and more to your email. EagleMailer works wonderfully here, allowing you to preview your campaign before you send it. You can also schedule times for sending out emails with EagleMailer, which is excellent if your campaign is being sent to various time zones.

If you have an Excel, Access or SQL database file of email lists, EagleMailer will accept those formats and import them without issues. Once sent, you can track your results, with statistical graphs showing your sent and failed mails, and so on.

EagleMailer is a simple and user friendly way to send out mass marketing emails, although the Help file really needs some work!



EagleMailer 2016 vol 1

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